About us

Creative360 is a graphic design and branding studio based with offices in Kotu and CapePoint, The Gambia, West Africa. Our goal is to create meaningful and innovative creative experience for our clients and their audience. We translate our clients vision into designs that truly resonate with their audience. All creative experiences under one roof. That’s our strength.

Creative experience in the following:

  • Printing design
  • Brochures & Newsletters
  • Logo’s & Branding
  • Billboards, Signboards and more
  • Photography & Video productions
  • Poster and Postcard designs
  • Business cards, menu cards and more
  • Social Media marketing
  • Web developing

We, from Creative360, believe that our clients come first. We work hard on creating a relationship with all our clients.  A relationship with our clients is important to work closely to create and translate vision, conceive designs and consistently meet our deadlines and requirements. Our work goes further than creating creative experience for our clients and their audience. We take the time to have the opportunity to explore what our clients are passionate about. We are there to help them visualize what the message of the designs have to portray to their audience. We walk one on one with our clients to guide and advise them.

Creative360 continually explores new innovative ideas, workways and technologies to improve creative experience for our clients and their audience to make it easier, with higher standards of quality, faster, mobiler and more effective.

Creative360 believes in transformational leadership. We take the time to coach and help each other to become better as a company and individual. Creative360 wants to be a role model for the younger generation. That’s why Creative360 makes free time to teach the younger generation about designing and content marketing. As George Nelson said: ‘You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking’.

Creative360 believes in giving back. Creative360 gives a social portion of their profit to Santo Gambia Foundation. Also, Creative360 is active in their marketing and production to give value to the foundation and reach more funds.

Creative experience is Everything

Every client that Creative360 works with experiences and enjoys, smooth project management from initial strategy to final delivery, with effective communication and financial control at each stage.

We have a range of creative experience and knowledge to bring to you. For more information about our services and availability press the contact bottom. We are happy to help you!

Lamin Suwareh


Elsemiek Franken

Marketing Manager

Our team

The team of Creative360 has years of track record for creating and producing creative experiences in different levels of the field. After working for many years for different companies. We are confident to finally share our knowledge and experience in our own way.

Lamin Suwareh


My name is Lamin Suwareh. I am the creative brain behind Creative360. Lots of people ask me why I chose to become a designer. I didn’t choose for it, I grew into it. My father is my role model and showed me that being creative makes the world better and more beautiful. From young age, I was always making and creating. I never stop creating.

There is always an idea or new imagination running through my head. For me, it is imagination before words. I am constantly focused on the beauty of colors around me. On a age of  14 years old, an important figure in my life introduced me to graphic design and printing. From that time, I work as a graphic designer for different companies and now for my own company. To set up my own company took a lot of time, building confidence and a lot of sacrifices. Now I can say it was all worth it.

I hope that my story will inspire other young children to always follow their dreams and work hard to achieve them.

Elsemiek Franken

Marketing Manager

My name is Elsemiek Franken, also known as Mam Jarra Njie. I am the Marketing Manager of Creative360. Born and raised in The Netherlands and in the last two years based in The Gambia.

People called me messy as a child, I call it creative. I love designing, creating and marketing. It’s the ability to reach people’s feelings in the most beautiful way. It’s never what you say, it’s the way you make people feel. The moment I met Lamin, I felt that we could become a great team. As my best friend Quote says: Teamwork makes your dream work.

I believe that with Creative360 we can help a lot of people reach their audience in a creative way and make The Gambia more visual online.